Among independent libraries our subscription is about the lowest at £30, and wonderful value – roughly the cost of one hardback book per year. Subscriptions run from 1st January to 31st December, but anyone can join at any time and the first subscription is reduced for those who join after 30th June.

If you hardly know the Morrab, or don’t know it at all, please come in and ask for a guided tour. The Librarian or any committee member or volunteer will be glad to show you round. We know you will be interested but, more than that, we hope you will like it so much that you will want the Morrab to be your library.

If you live in the Penwith/Kerrier area then please call in to the Morrab and see for yourself. If you then want to join, you just pay the Librarian the subscription appropriate to the time of year. She will make the necessary record and give you information about the library and being a member.

If you live elsewhere, please print off and fill in the Membership Form indicate whether you need a receipt, and post it, together with a cheque made payable to Morrab Library, to:

The Librarian, Morrab Library, Morrab Gardens, Penzance TR18 4DA.

The current subscription rate is £30 per year (just 58p a week!)

Or you may choose to join as a Life Member for £500, or £300 for those over 65.

If you need any more information about joining the library, please get in touch, either through the contact form, or by telephoning on (01736) 364474.

The Library is a registered charity that relies on the support of individuals, companies and other bodies to help ensure that the Library is here for future generations to enjoy. For almost 200 years the Library has been the home of a wonderful collection of books that the people of Cornwall and visitors from around the world have had the joy of reading. Hundreds of students have found both the books and the place of great benefit whilst studying for exams. Researchers have found a place of peace stocked with 40,000 books on all sorts of subjects and this is why we have over 30 published writers as members at the present time.

Non-members are very welcome to visit the Library. We have a £3 day rate and a suggested donation of £5 for non-members wishing to use the archive facilities. Please contact the Library in advance if there is something specific you would like to look at.

Registered Charity No. 309250